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1. behaviour where one applies excessive makeup in a vulgar style and takes a masculine form.
2. Acting in a Hounsell-like manner.

see hounce
That woman is hounsing!
by transit.rider March 15, 2005
(noun) a troll-like being of incomparable mass, with a deluded self-image of attractiveness
(derived from “Hounsell”).

see hounse
Look at that beast! She is such a hounce!
by transit.rider March 15, 2005
(adj) of a grotesque or visually offensive nature, cultivating images of putrid, rotting cellulite.

see hounsing
That is the most hounse woman I've seen all week.
by transit.rider March 15, 2005
(noun) having a drug induced state of mind where one believes themselves to be a chicken whilst plagiarising other people’s views of America.
Look at that woman! She's leary!
by transit.rider March 15, 2005

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