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A Canadian Indie Supergroup led by frontmen Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning. The group assembled in 1999 and features many other prominent Canadian artists who guest star on tracks and at shows such as Emily Haines of Metric, Amy Millan of Stars, and Leslie Feist. The band is a must-listen for anyone who claims they love music.
"It's been such a long life that we trust your heart is a whore and love is just lust. You want what you can't and you can't cause of fear. We've got to get out of here." 2005, Broken Social Scene, "It's All Gonna Break"
by trainee September 15, 2007
Basically a more playful way of saying "mother fucker" and shouldn't be taken with as much seriousness.
Wow mfaka, stop shooting me!
by trainee November 22, 2004
The result of a fully shaven vulva viewed from the front with hair still remaining near the anus at such an angle that it appears to form a goatee.
Man last night I was going down on Sue and she was so smooth but then I moved too low and hit her ass goatee. I wanted to puke up a hairball.
by trainee October 09, 2007

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