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It means "mom i'd like to fu..... holy sh*t. Is that your daughter? is she legal yet?"

Milf is an ungodly overrated older woman (in terms of beauty) whose entire existence is spent calling the boytoys of 1960-80 "perverts, predators and dirty old men" for chasing a hot college girl. She even goes so far as to warn her hotter younger competition (college girls, 24 year olds) that the boytoys of 1950-80 turned rich sugardaddy are "manipulators /dangerous /predatory/ exploitive/ taking advantage of a vunlerable young ADULT woman".

She stole the word "mature" from the male gender's beloved young woman (young woman has a fan club too but her fans are called perverts even though they are over 18). Men gave that word to everyone over 18 not just older women.

Milf has an arrogant belief that she is the most popular woman on earth... and believes all males want females older than us while we marry females younger than us almost exclusively worldwide to the tune of about 85 out of 100. Even less in big gap marriages. She can barely convert a relationship with a person one year younger into a marriage.. .and this equals some kind of goddess.

She competes with young women by bullying her older lovers. "you sicko/creep. pervert!!! dirty old man".

She invents myths and old wives tales about herself."i am in my prime" to attract people from her hotter younger competition and imply young women are lousy sex (a wierd accusation from a hetero woman who never nailed a young woman).

She usually has no ass (exception, black women milfs who usually have nice asses), her beauty is 90% artificial from a can which was invented by dirty old men. Underneath that fakeness she looks identical to farts. Her breasts droop, her vag*na looks rubbery and dont have the exciting look of the 23year old breast. There is a very fine line between "Milf" and "hag". that fine line is 39. Milf ends at 39. After that it is "hag", "bag" or "Mercifuck".

Her beauty is so "incredible" rich men use their wealth to skip past her to the 20-35 year old women. And poor men buy young prostitutes with diseases because MILF for free... isnt all that.

She is the only adult woman who can't give the most important gift at all: gift of a family which is great for the adoption industry.

She is the mature woman. "mature and infertile" is a scientifically flawed expression. The correct expression is "old and infertile".

Her existence is spent trying to turn her younger competition into a perversion and older men into "sickos". The irony of course is that a young woman is a billion times more likely to marry upwards than a male. So much for nasty labels. They had an opposite effect of their intended purpose.
"I will not participate in a labeling system where my gender grows into dirty old men with young lovers and my female peers grow into MILFS. How on gods earth does that labeling system benefit any male? we dont even marry females 1 year older than us with any real enthusiasm and when we are rich we dont share our wealth with females 20 years older than us with any real enthusiasm either".
by toximoxi September 14, 2006

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