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-generic term of abuse
-you jippy ho
meaning: you afggy bait head fo'
by totally rotten May 25, 2003
-generic cuss for anyone and everyday use
-yo' jippy ho!
meaning: you're a bait head
by totally rotten May 25, 2003
see: jippy ho
yo jippy hoe!
meaning: i hate gay men!
by totally rotten May 25, 2003
a term describing something as heavy, quality or genius
-see 'abooness'
eg: Lord of the Rings was aboo!!!
or: that's aboo!
by totally rotten May 27, 2003
an abusive phrase usually associated with the 'Zelda' character Link..use to make him feel small, stupid and/or 'only a game'
"look at that gay rinky dink Link, his cel-da games are abooness"
meaning: those zelda games are heavy, especially the new one but that Link has short legs
by totally rotten May 25, 2003
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