2 definitions by torqueboy

While performing cunnilingus an ice cold Natural Light is poured from above and lapped up while simultaneously pleasuring your lady.
I was sopping wet from ear to ear when my girl requested nattilingus. Without missing a beat, I grabbed my freshly cracked Natty off the nightstand and started pouring. She shivvered hard from the cold and I almost drowned.
by torqueboy January 04, 2012
The act of a male masturbating while watching the Care Bears cartoon TV series with the ultimate goal of timing his ejaculation with the Care Bear Stare (when they shoot the light out of their stomachs).
Nate and I showed up a little early to pick up Travis to go get some wings and beer and apparently we should have knocked first. We caught him doing the Care Bear Bop. He was so focused on trying to spoo during the Care Bear Stare he didn't even see us come in. Nate finally got his attention when he started throwing up a little in his own mouth.
by torqueboy September 20, 2012

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