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When a female of any race has such low self-esteem she will allow herself to be humiliated by accepting booty calls at 3am even though she has to be up for work at 6. The subject will typically date men she finds completely unnatractive and boring. She typically has a shady past of cheating on every boyfriend she has dated (especially friends of the boyfriend), gang bangs, sleeping with random men at bars and the list goes on. The PGS can be sniffed out by any player within a 20 foot radius. A female with PGS has a short life span due to aquiring STDS and a very high suicide rate has been linked to persons with chronic PGS.
guy at bar: Hey. I noticed you were sitting all alone. Can you buy me a drink and pay for my tab then take me to the motel across the street?

pathetic girl syndrome aka PGS response: sure. That sounds really good. I don't have condoms, but I'm cool if you just pull out.
by torntights February 04, 2011

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