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an abnormally large adams apple
that is the biggest ~*mah`fukin*~ tylop ive ever seen
by tori haas August 08, 2006
beer pong except with smirnoff duh
omg dawg, lets play some fucking smirpong!
by tori haas January 06, 2007
a card game, for when you are beyond bored, that involves flipping a card over to determine different things that will happen in your life
bob: this party blows, let's play fast-forward.
okay ready, this is the next time your gonna have sex...
by tori haas January 07, 2007
from the movie "Teeth", it means a girl who has teeth in her private parts
josh: damn dude, i loved that girl til i saw she had a southern smile
by tori haas April 07, 2007
to go from party to party in one night
party train tonight, we are getting soooo drunk!
by tori haas August 14, 2008
instead of saying just a plain hey, this means you're really excited to see a certain person.
"HEYZOES!!!! i haven't seen you in foooorevver"
by tori haas December 08, 2007
means crazy.

taken from the phrase "jehri curl", which is a wild do.
its gettin JEHRIII up in here!!!
by tori haas February 23, 2008

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