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(noun)1.)a male named vincent toratelli who runs the streets of brooklyn and eastern orlando often injuring his sworn enemy the gang honeybees leaving them face down on there vinetas begging for mercy from unbellivable pain
2.)a well esteemed black belt in the martial art form kenyan grandfather rolex
citizen:tao's right you should attempt that or mr.toratelli will leave you face doen on the mat guy
citizen2:i guess your right im afriad of that guy he runs these streets
#mr. #italian #mob #bees #honey
by toratelli none the less January 20, 2010
A martial art form using all instinct and characteristics of mother nature and all creatures in the forrest of london and kenya (common strikes) sheep kick,dillo stomp,cucumber chop,and twisty taco sack these moves are often designed to land on the east side of ones flank and are designed to be fatal strike
mr.toratelli:im a black belt in kenyan grandfather rolex
honey bees:yeah yeah tortise slap me on your own time
mr.toratelli:youll regret this
honey bees:lil bitch
mr.toratelli:(beating ass)
honey bees:i apologize guy
#mr. #italian #mob #bees #honey
by toratelli none the less January 21, 2010
(verb)the strike used in the martial art of kenyan grandfather rolex using the uward power of a sheep delivered to the oppositioning west flank this often occurs in a turtule splat when down you can perform a dillo stomp this often will result in an ovatty
mr.toratelli:ima sheep kick your buzzing ass
honeybee:smell me on your own time weeb
mr.toratelli:(using sheep kick on sorry ass little bee)
honeybee:ow that did a thing to me
#bumble #wool #sniff #afrika #mr.toratelli
by toratelli none the less January 20, 2010
the awkward slightly stumble of a walk performed when one is knocked to the floor by a strike from the martial art kenyan grandfather rolex perferibly the common strike, sheep kick
mr.toratelli:ima sheep kick you dead where you peer if you buzz my way little bee shut your trap for i stick you in it
honey bees:stupid, your sorry you dont even know kenyan grandfather rolex
mr.toratelli:(bustin the little shitts)
honey bees:(perforing ovatty)
#bumble #wool #sniff #afrika #mr.toratelli
by toratelli none the less January 21, 2010
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