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something akin to a friendship or relationship; it's explicitly not a friendship bc it may lack a foundation of trust to start and is traditionally not platonic; it's explicitly not a relationship bc it is not exclusive and lacks rigidity in commitment; it must be highly enjoyable and indulgent despite having an element of confusion due to its ambiguity

the origin stems from the need to refer to a non-traditional exchange between two individuals based off of a verb. 'relationship,' based on 'relate,' was rejected bc it has extremely different connotations. 'exchangeship' was rejected bc it sounds lame.

members of an interactionship may be referred to as 'interactioneers,' pioneering new ways that ppl relate, or as 'interactionauts,' (based off of astronauts), bc 'interactionship' sounds a bit like 'spaceship.'
KPouns: So what's the latest with that guy you hooked up with last weekend? Where is it headed?

JDH2: Who knows? It exceeds definition. I'd classify it as an interactionship at present.
by tootmyownhorn March 14, 2011

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