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A spanish slang word that translates to a softer version of "Fuck!" The word "madre" translates to "mother", but "madres" can be used to express exclamation in a less offensive way than the English version of "Fuck!"

Example: "Tenemos la tarea esta noche?, Madres!"
translation= "We have homework tonight? Crap!"
by toolguru November 16, 2007
A bragging statement after you do something spectacular which is meant to be answered with dumbfounded silence.
Bruce and his beerpong partner Sally were losing 9 cups to 0. Suddenly, they proceeded to hit 10 cups in a row to steal the victory and Bruce exclaimed, "Where's your mouth?" Their opponents shook their heads and Bruce and Sally embraced.
by toolguru October 23, 2007
the male counterpart to the vagomach-- the flabby area beneath the belly button of a man's beer belly
I need to switch to Miller Lite because the Miller has caused me to develop a penomach.
by toolguru September 26, 2008
The phenomenon of the earth heating up quicker than it would naturally. Many call it a hoax that is meant to decrease the value of big oil corporation's stock.
"Dat der Al Gore is preachin dat der global warming and he don't know his ass from a hole in a barn!"
by toolguru October 25, 2007
A healthy alternative to Christmas or Chaunaka. Intstead of feeling an overwhelming compulsion to run up credit card debt by purchasing things for people that they will probably not need and regift to someone else next year, you get a microphone stand around which whores can dance. Everyone "airs their grievances" by writing a problem on a piece of paper and putting it into a box (without the person's name). Then people take turns reading them and the others offer solutions or crack on that person. After the anger and embarassment build (which is magnified by massive amounts of alcohol), it is time for "Feats of Strength". These can consist of anything from arm wrestling to tackle football in the backyard to chicken fighting. Unlike Christmas, people are actually real and end up feeling emotionally healed!
Sorry friends and family, I won't be making it to your Christmas parties this year. You should dump them to and come to my first annual "Festivus For the Rest of Us" jam.
by toolguru January 18, 2008

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