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Meaning "too douchy; unfriended" or "too douchy; unfollowed" depending on the social networking site used on. Usually used in response to someone who throws a "tl;dr" at you when you're talking about something serious.
Facebooker 1: I'm so depressed. On the way to the hospital to visit my terminally-ill grandmother, I got a call from my husband saying that my son got called to the principal's office after they found a gun in his locker. Because of the call, I crashed my car into a mailbox, and its owner proceeded to charge out of his house with a shotgun, screaming something about vandals ruining his property. Does all of this have to happen on the 1st anniversary of my miscarriage?

Facebooker 2: tl;dr

Facebooker 1: td;uf
by toodouchyunfriended September 22, 2011

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