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1 definition by tonyDaDickDealer

Describes a situation where a heterosexual person can't truly determine the sexual orientation of a member of the same sex without engaging in an act that would question their own sexuality.

Also applies to any situation where a person who is, in fact, a heterosexual cannot proceed to do something that they want without strongly suggesting otherwise.
Ex. 1:
Guy 1: So what's the deal with Tom? Is he gay or what?

Guy 2: I don't know...Its hard to tell.

Guy 1: I guess one of us could go over there and try to make-out with him, but its a catch 69.

Ex. 2:
Guy 1: Hey, straight guys can wear skinny jeans, right?

Guy 2: Well sure straight guys can wear skinny jeans...its just that those guys tend to engage in sex with other men...
by tonyDaDickDealer June 16, 2009