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my daddy was from here and he tells me that brims, piru, hoover 62s, bounty hunters and inglewood family had too much niggas dyin cuz of dem crabz crippin niggas foe they cash n they leather jackets, so my daddies big homie t neck went to gather niggaz from compton high, morningside high, washington high and niggas from the street to have a meeting on piru to ally against crabz, back then old niggaz use to call young niggaz young bloods, they thought after they thought there alliance was so thick and so strong theyed call themselves the blood alliance, crabz wore blue n leather jackets they wore blue cuz they thought it signified male youth they used blue cuz they were called the baby aves. but fuck crabz n fuck u if u call my daddy a liar!
too much piru gangs so the original piru call themselves tree top.
by tonek July 20, 2006
a gang in inglewood that owned the drug trade in inglewood since the hispanic boom in in the late 80s, they are pretty much any body k.
i was walking down cedar and magnolia wen sum foos from inglewood 13 hit me up!
by tonek July 19, 2006
(up in smoke klick) a tagging crew in Inglewood and gardena that i believe actually started up in gardena that are known for smoking absolutly er day! even if it means being broke and having to buy a nick of stress and if u dont smoke you will get dp`d (disiplined!) girls wanting to join are eight balled in. their biggest beef are wit tha OST's.
im on probation and cant smoke so that nigga react from uisk dp`d me !
by tonek July 20, 2006
a dirty ass beach just south of venice beach where all the dirty niggers from inglewood, la teara, and south central go to shower. and no matter how cold or how dirty u will always see at least 10-20 salvadorians swimming and leaving dirty diapers and trash every were! its ashame cuz all these people pay good money atleast 1,000,000 to live beach front there just to see dirty salvis n nigros!
i was swimming in playa del rey wen a diaper hit me on the head!
by tonek July 20, 2006

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