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Pakistanis are an amazing people whom everyone on youtube and urbandictionary seem to have problems with for the following reasons:
a) they are very good looking, specially in comparison with most of their neighbours.
b) they are not even slightly extremist in any way, and are in fact a very moderate people. this disappoints people who were all set on hating them for being terrorists, and puts them in a very bad mood.
c) their spoken english is way better than most of these youtube-anti-pakistan-war-wagers.
d) so is their accent.
e) they're very very laid back about everything and are not 'weopons-at-the-ready' like some people.
f) and yet they are very very patriotic...but it's healthy patriortism that does not involve hating other nationalaties or races:)
Pakistanis all over the world will unite to prove their love for the land.
by tomorrowmaybe April 17, 2009
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