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acid-The wonderful gateway in your pocket to a world that is yours for the creating, whether it be talking frogs, stary faces on apple trees that just wont blink and you're sure that they know your name or maybe just the good old headmash that convinces you that you ARE, in fact, a carrot.
A truly marvellous man made hallucinogen that could, one day, replace calpol.
mate, MATE, MAAAATE? Shhh. hello? acid? aah. i see,
i appear to have eaten something bigger than my head.
by tommo September 03, 2005
A townie is an English word for a person who:
1. Uses the phrase "Ya Mum" as an insult
2. Thinks that it is cool/hard to use various words beginning with F and S
3. Listens to "Phat Beats" - Blazin Squad, So Solid Crew, Jay-Z (or whatever) etc.
4. Drives a Car such as a Vauxhall Nova or Ford Escort or similar which has A body kit, lowerred suspension, large exhaust, and a huge Subwoofer in the boot to make sure that everyone can hear their "Phat Beats"
5. Has a stupid nickname such as "Jubba" or "Staples"
6. Steals mobile phones
7. Wears "Bling Threads"
8. Walks in a stupid, exaggerated way
9. Has a fundamental disability to pronounce the letter "H"
10. Smokes all the time whilst doing the above
11. Is challenged by a lack of immagination
12. Has a Helly Hansen "Puffer Jacket"
13. Has gelled blonde (dyed) hair
by Tommo August 04, 2003
a jacko, scab, scavenger.... the bloke with deep pockets and short arms who miraculously dissappears when its his round.....
wheres cuntybollocks? i wanna drink
by tommo April 13, 2004
Australian slang.

Someone who is the result of inbreeding.
An inbreed.
Shut up, you stupid borkit.
by Tommo October 17, 2004
1.a shawat is a cross between a shat {piece of shit} and twat. in other words a higly uniteligent shitty vagina.
1. ooooooh you shawat
2.Sarah your such a shawat, you only care abuout yourself
by Tommo February 21, 2005
to conduct oral sex on a female
"What were you doing there? It smells, and looks like a badly packed kebab!"

"I was growling at the badger."
by Tommo August 28, 2003
Noun: Semen
I was on my way into the peep-show booth, when I slipped over and landed face-first in a pool of cock-yoghurt.

They really ought to have a cleaner in there between occupants.
by Tommo February 24, 2004

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