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One who can't stand pikeys.

After the good villagers of Firle, Sussex, who achieved notoriety by burning a caravan containing effigies of gypsies during their 2003 firework show.
I don't think this'd be a good driveway to resurface, Pat. I can feel it in me bones there's a Firley livin' here, so there is, to be sure.
by Tommo February 18, 2004
When one is feeling downcast and requiring a cafeine injection. "Cokeage" verb "to coke".
"Fancy some Cokeage?"
by Tommo June 01, 2004
When a certain young lady presents outstanding natural beauty, she may be termed a "McBeauty".
Has some relavence to the chat up line "If you were a McDonalds you'd be a McBeauty!" ;) Often followed by a whole lot of ignoredness...
"check that McBeauty out! Sheesh!" (elevated heart rate experienced).
by Tommo June 01, 2004
Possibly the best president ever known to earth:2025?
Leader of Exodus, the Earth:2025 clan
All write your opinions here :P
GiBzGiRL is my MOM!
GiBzGiRL is eXo's MOM!
by Tommo January 12, 2005
One, usually of the female variety, who ain't good-lookin.
"Here Davro, what's the matter with yer missus. She looks like a pit bull chewing a wasp!"

"Nah, she just fell out of the ugly tree!"
by Tommo September 02, 2003
a dried out vagina which usually happens to people over 60 years of age...
man that chick had a metaphor, we had to use so much lube
by Tommo February 21, 2005
Word commonly used by Townies to voice their enthusiasm for some mediocre music, or other thing that is usually fine, but has been ruined and spoiled
"Aha, mate. Those were some phat beats
by Tommo August 04, 2003

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