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Forum97 is a Day of Defeat server located in Hong Kong. The server is infested with people with Down's Syndrome, half-breeds with low IQ level and admins who think they are superior to everybody just because they are, well, admins of the server, like it's a big deal. Judging by their posts on http://www.forum97.com, one could promptly deduce that these admins are lifeless, possibly jobless 20+ virgins. The server is hated by the more intelligent minority of the community because of the sheer stupidity of most of the players on the server.

Some forum97 players are also notorious for trying to be racist but failed pathetically. They tYpE lIkE tHiS and wear WaFFeN-SS tags yet they don't even know the meaning of the word 'Jew'. These Nazi wannabes, funny enough, are tolerated by the server admins and they are still allowed to play on the server while the legendary -nX clan was banned from the server for kindly pointing out their mistake.

One side note, the server admins all carry newbie_ tags in front of their names which quite frankly tells you how intelligent this whole bunch are.
It's stupid. It's forum97.
by tom_clancy_thinks_you_suck June 13, 2007

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