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Indigenous bitches, or IB's, are native women of Central and South America as well as the Caribbean Basin (the term does not apply exclusively to Amerindians).

Some examples of behavioral qualifications for IB's include:

1. Cutting in line shamelessly.

2. Staring.

3. Talking loudly in Spanish in front of what she thinks is a non Spanish speaker.

IB's are not to be trusted.
Rachel: Fuck my life, this IB just cut me in line while I was waiting to use the bathroom.

Rachel: Look at this fucking IB trying to cut us in line. I don't give a shit I'll elbow an IB in the face.

Rachel: The fucking IB at the passport photo kiosk tried to charge me twice as much as the sign said they cost.

indigenous bitches
by tom.pura_vida March 24, 2009
A discreet way in which a teacher, lecturer, or faculty member can express his desire for a student.

The action is as follows:
First fake an itchy crotch. Give a few credible scratches so that if you are later caught in the act you can say you were merely scratching yourself.

Then, after attracting the student's attention, tug twice on your penis. (N.B. It's important to keep the genitals inside the pants as removing them could attract attention.)

After tugging twice make sustained eye contact and give an inviting look. This should be accomplished by raising the eyebrows while simultaneously tilting the head back.
Monroe: Mr. Stevens is at it again.

Stu Dent: What, is he hitting on you again?

Monroe: Yeah, I looked over at him during the test just long enough to see him give me the old Two Tugs and a Look

Stu Dent: I thought Mr. Stevens just had itchy balls.
by tom.pura_vida May 02, 2009
IB is an acronym for the term indigenous bitches.
Rachel: The fucking IB sitting next to me wouldn't open the window on the 7 hour bus ride to Jaco.

Monroe: IB's have the best drugs.
by tom.pura_vida March 24, 2009

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