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frightened and weak-willed
"Wow she calls you callow in this..."
by Tom Smith October 07, 2003
waving the peace sign at a person
they chuck the duce at peopel and we chuck it right back
by tom smith June 14, 2006
When a guy cums all over a girls pursed lips.
Right before I came, she pursed her lips, so I could polinate the flower!
by Tom Smith April 18, 2004
2 sconners who are gay together
wayne vincent
liam yorke
by tom smith April 04, 2003
My nickname @ NCC
Hi! My name is Squishie
by Tom Smith October 07, 2003
A REALLY unfunny 'comedian' whose jokes are all scripted and badly delivered.
He also has a really annoyin squint and has his head up his own arse.
That Harry Hill's TV Burp is on, you wanna watch it.
Nah, cos its shite!
by tom smith March 10, 2005

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