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The act of unwittingly slobbering on the filter of a cigarette while smoking, causing it to become moist and unsmokable
I let Joe take a drag off my cigarette and he niggerlipped it causing it to be wet and disgusting.
by Tom August 24, 2004
A clothing store. PERIOD! It is nothing more, I do not wear Abercrombie but I want to point out that this argument is utterly ridiculous. You all have turned urban dictionary into a forum. If you don’t like Abercrombie there is no reason to hate people who wear it. For everyone who is against it because it is a sign of conformity and you wish to be outside the crowd, I have news for you, you have opted to join another crowd, and I assure you that the teens who wear this logo, except for " prissy rich girls " (hey, everyone has their qualms), have nothing against you. I know many "rich" kids who opt not to wear this brand. If you think that you are the bigger person, because you can think freely and not buy this brand, keep in mind that by ridiculing people who choose to wear the Abercrombie logo you are thus proving your ignorance to everybody who reads your post. Not to mention you are going against your free thinking beliefs because you know that 5 minutes before you posted this your and your free thinking buddies were just repeating stereotypes about Abercrombie wearers that you picked up from some schmuck you met last week in the basement of a local church while listening to the new up and coming trendy emo band. Instead of telling all of us how bad you think you have it why don’t you wipe the shit out of your eyes and take a look at the flyers posted in the basement of the church that you just heard your favorite local band play and get off your ass and do something, like feed the homeless because you cant have it that bad seeing as you have a computer, an internet connection and enough free time to post these unpleasant explanations about Abercrombie and their marketing antics.
emo kid 1- Hey instead of descrimintating against people who wear certain genres of clothing, why dont i go try to make a difference on this planet?

emo kid 2- thats too hard, this is much more entertaining

emo kid 1- yeah, your right! Hey look at that Abercrombie faggot!
by Tom July 26, 2005
A slang term for the female labia majora
Oh, my curtains are dead itchy today
by Tom May 02, 2003

Used by Snoop Dog in Dr. Dre's Chronic on the track "Bitches Ain't Shit"
I was in love like a muthafucka lickin' the protung
by tom April 03, 2005
The anus of a male or female human being. Usually used in conjunction with sexual intercourse.
Gary gave her one in the stink.
by Tom December 19, 2004
v. Describes the size of clothing worn by your mother
"That sweater is XXL"
by tom November 20, 2002
A verbal command to tell someone or somebody to get out of your way, or move.
"Raise up dude!" or "Fool, I said raise up!"
by Tom January 13, 2005
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