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The hot hippie chick who had sex for the enviromental organization Fuck for Forest on stage at a Cumshots concert in Norway.
Ah, Leona Johansson. I'd hit it, and I'd even be saving the rainforest!
by tokerat July 10, 2004
1. a person of a silly nature; someone who is stupid on purpose but simply for the humor of it. 2. smart people who act dumb for a good laugh
Positive manner: Joe was such a winktologist before he met Roo.
Negative manner: Jeff is such a dumb fucking winktologist
by tokerat July 08, 2003
(besides traditional definition) to fall and injure one's self while performing a rediculous act
That dumbass smidge fell off the back of a car at 50mph and got road rash all up on his face.
by tokerat July 08, 2003

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