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2 definitions by tnt3d

US Slang phr. 1. To mess with or to play around with. 2. To engaged in sexual intercourse with serveral partners at different times.
Don't fuck around with me or I'll kick your ass.

All you do is around with every man you see you whore.
by tnt3d October 22, 2004
1. to, in a group of people, rape someone.
2. a group of people performing sexual activities on another individual against their will.
3. (in video game terms) a group of players to gangup on a certain player (esp. shooting games ex.counter-strike).
1/2. The young girl was gangraped the other day when she was coming home.
3. ...omg, i was gangraped by all those fuckers...
by tnt3d October 26, 2004