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By far the best player in the NBA. He once said, "as long as you are respected among your peers, that's all that matters, and he has my utmost respect." He was, of course, talking about himself. Who wouldn't if they were that good? His universe-rattling dunk over AK 47 in the Western Conference Semifinals in 2007 is stuff of legend, as are his beard and streetball-beat the shit out of you fusion playing style. David Stern (NBA commissioner), commenting on the recent trade of Baron to the Cleveland Cavaliers, stated proudly, "this transaction is a million times better for the NBA than LeBitch James' 'Decision'. Baron will undoubtedly return the parity between small market and big market teams. Mark my words, Cleveland will once again be a man among boys in the NBA, just like my number one nigga boomdizzle."
Dude#1: Dude #2, who's better, Kobe Bryant or Lebron James?
Dude #2: Baron Davis for sure.

Dude #1: You're right!
by tmoney91 February 28, 2011

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