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Bros are people of a secret society. Not like the bros of college or those types, this goes deeper into history. The first bro came from Ancient Greece and has quickly grown from then. They are a nice group of people, but if fucked with, will fuck you over too. Bros meet in conventions called Brassemblies. Can be local or international, and everything in between. The structure is selected by Adrien Brody, master of all bro's. He selects every leader of an area, and Bresidents, etc. The main focus of the Bros are to become a group of people who do many things together. Everyone as a bro is a bro to everyone.
Guy 1: Did you know Obamas real name is Brobama?
Guy 2: Hmm, thats cool
College Bro: Hey guyz, wht are you guyz talking about broham?
by titopei December 02, 2010

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