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38 definitions by tito

when a girl or woman gets kicked in the vagina.
Girl 1: ::Bitchslaps:: girl 2
Girl 2 : Kicks and aims for her vagina.It connects.
Girl 1: ... ::rolls and floor grabbing crotch::
by Tito March 14, 2004
175 76
Croatian alpha-male
That Tomislav, he likes to get do it Balkan style
by Tito May 12, 2003
94 40
Classic and never to be forgotten cartoon, Rock on DM!!
"Dangermouse is coming on Tv quick turn it over"!!
by Tito October 03, 2003
50 10
Overused,annoying word on every college campus inspired by Dave Chapelle's inpression of Lil Jon
Amy Fabreeze: WHAT?
Me: Shut the fuck up! It's old!
by Tito March 23, 2004
73 52
a brown paper bag for when your fucking that ugly bitch, one for you, and one any poor soul that happens to walk by and see.
by Tito September 18, 2003
16 6
Hardcore metal with a Christian message. For example: Hopesfall, Chevelle, Norma Jean, Living Sacrifice, Further Seems Forever.
Bryan: What's Chevelle's genre?
Tito: Its like Christian rock...
Bryan: Like screaming to Jesus?
Tito: Yea, JESUS CORE!!
Bryan: HAHAHAHAH, u fucking!!!
Tito: .........
by Tito May 03, 2003
19 11
One who lacks in the fields of smartosity (courtesy of mi Manolita)
You are laughing on the inside because of the extremeness of my "Dumbosity"
by Tito January 18, 2005
8 2