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A glass/cup/mug of beer that comes from multiple pitchers over the course of the night, and which is of questionable origin.
Tommy: I started out drinking Molson, but I've poured so much other shit in this bastard beer that I don't know what I'm drinking.

Michael: Yeah, (holds up glass of orange/yellow beer) I started out drinking Guiness...
by tinydancer88 March 07, 2010
a. A sex act so depraved that even Stephen Colbert can't put it into words. Allegedly involving moose antlers, a bottle of maple syrup, and the stanley cup, but it is also believed that the entire Toronto Maple Leafs team must be involved as well for it to be considered Canada's History.

b. A sex act performed during the coldest snows of winter during which the participants (usually 20 or more) light fires and dance naked and covered in maple syrup before... ugh, I just can't say it.
Dude... you pulled a Canada's History? That's fucked up, man... even for you.
by tinydancer88 February 04, 2010
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