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Moving into a neighborhood in an effort to reduce crime, create harmony and build community. As opposed to "Gentrification," which changes neighborhoods by forcing out low income residents with high income folks seeking the next hip thing, Gentlefication helps long-term residents take back their neighborhoods, stabilize property values and build safe spaces for their children and grandchildren.
The local drug dealers were unhappy when the pastor asked his flock to move back into the neighborhood near the church to help in their gentlefication efforts.
by Timroff July 22, 2014
A person who tries to make good things happen, especially trying to create jobs or wealth, but does so in a fashion that is either without permission, illegal, or frowned upon by the authorities.
The guy who set up that guerrilla gardening project is a real Entreprovacateur.
by Timroff June 12, 2011

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