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3 definitions by timmehG

When the vagina over heats and breaks into a sweat like no other, and forms into a stain similar to one you would find on a pedofiles wife beater/tanktop.
see pit stains
The obese woman ran across the finish line with pride, as the fans crowded around her congradulating her on the win. All that she could think about was heading to the nearest washroom to slather deoderant all over the sweaty chaos in her track pants ... HER SWAGINA.
WARNING: do not actually put deoderant on your vag.
by timmehG April 04, 2009
A sweaty vagina
That girl had a swagina.
by timmehG February 26, 2009
Its when a boy is payed to do a job for his parentx or lovely neighbors. And he blows the leafs off of their drive way.
oh timmy ill pay you $5 so give our driveway a blowjob
by timmehG April 27, 2009