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Verb. To cupcake or cup-caking. Used to describe the art of bogarding or holding onto an object for a long period of time, most often used when smoking in a group.
Dude pass me that joint man your cup-caking over there.
by timetrain April 28, 2011
A pre-queef is, in all literal thought, the conceptual pretext to a queef. As in a pre-fart of the vagina. A queef itself is just full-on air being released from the vagina in a flatulence sounding manner. It's like the formation of a queef.

On the other hand its also defined to be calling someone a pre-queef, as saying they are no better than even before the magical glory that is inserting air into the vagina to be released as a fart sound, usually half the time just as bad of a smell, yet from something you strive to put your penis into every moment.
Yeah lo, Maurice is a pre-queef forget that fool.... Nah, I don't like doin 60 it gives me dark pre-queef
by timetrain December 07, 2015
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