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A linguistic term for repeating a word twice. Generally emphasizes the duplicated word, but American slang uses it to indicate that the word is being used in its truest or most specialized sense.
"Your cousin kissed you? You mean, like a _kiss_ kiss?"

"Was it a _date_ date or just a date?"
by timecube June 16, 2004
A segment of the biker population, comprising about 78.3%, that imagine themselves to be outlaws.
Proud to be 1%!
by timecube June 17, 2004
A person who read Tolkien in Junior High, and never really got over it. The guy who quotes the Silmarillion like it was the inspired Word of God. The guy who thinks the movies are crap because they don't pronounce the Sindar dialect correctly.
"I saw LOTR on opening night, and the place was full of Tolkies. I was like, 'shut up and enjoy the movie!'"
by timecube June 16, 2004
1. Enjoyment of the majestic vision of twin ta-tas. (May refer to 1978 Foreigner song "Double Vision")

2. Appreciation of two related or associated women in a social setting.
1. "She took it off, and I was like, seeing double."

2. "Guys: Check it out by the door; I'm seeing double."
by timecube June 16, 2004
A sport in which the participants
1) Loiter suspiciously in public places that lack adequate security
2) Hide an unknown package in a high-traffic area
3) Brag about it at www.geocaching.com
4) Dare others to go find and open the package.
"Sorry I missed the wedding, but I did rack up 10 more geocaching finds!"
by timecube June 15, 2004
(Hawaiian; as a joke, locals tell tourists it means "Thank You")

1. Asshole!
2. Place Trash Here
1. "Smoking is not permitted on the lanai, mahalo!" "Cash only, mahalo!"
by timecube June 16, 2004

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