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Probably the best thing ever created. While NDP might think that it was ripped off of them, true Maryvale girls know the real meaning behind Gym Meet. It's all about who's the best out of all the class and who's the most spirited/united out of the bunch. Working on a $7 budget per person, classes prove that there is ingenuity and creativity by the costumes, formations, songs and other assorted dances and whatnot that come out of Gym Meet. How else can you explain a class walking around in spandex? Twice. In front of the whole school. And being totally proud of that fact. The thing about Gym Meet is that it shows just how close a class is with each other. Sometimes, banner winners have gotten their formations, songs and marches down in a matter of days. Whether they're Senior Rocks, Spartans, Eggs, Skators or Sky-divers; Junior Cicadas, Nerds, Jailbirds, Geniuses, or 2007 flashing back to the 70's; Sophomore Scubas, Beatles, Sorcerors, or Sumos; Freshman Fishes, Football, Fireman, Surfers or Army; true Maryvale girls know how to do Gym Meet and how to do it right. It's just something that's in the air and is caught. It's infectious. AND IT'S SO TOTALLY MARYVALE!
NDP GIRL: Your Gym Meet is SO ripped off of ours.
NDP GIRL: Ours is way better.
MVP GIRL: Where do you do yours?
NDP GIRL: In the gym.
MVP GIRL: Bah. We only do it in the gym if it's lightening and thundering outside. We do it like real women. On the fields. In the mud or the rain when necessary.
NDP GIRL: EWWWWW! That's gross and so nasty and unsophisticated.
MVP GIRL: Nope, that's Maryvale for you. Say, have you done your marches, formations, dances and songs with bare feet.
NDP GIRL: No. Why?
MVP GIRL: We have. Outside. With some mud. It's cooler that way.
NDP GIRL: AHHHH! MONSTROSITY! I CAN'T STAND IT! *runs away, crying, having been properly beat*

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