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ya`ll hatin` cusz he`s the BEST rapper alive. ain't no doubt about that. every motherfucker on myspace got either his lyrics or his sonq on dey page so don`t even try him like that!

1. I'm back like a brizeer hook; it`s actually brasier hook.. as in the hook on a bra and where is it located at!
2. The hunter's here...You ain't nothing but a deer -- now dis one self-explanitory.
3. Sick nigga, bitch I spit that leukemia -- sick meaning his FLOW is sick!
4. Toss ya like a fruit salad strawberry crape ya; he`s obviously talkin` about a female.
5. Spilled the heart of a mildew hater! - mildew mean nasty
6. That tommy gun'll tear your neighborhood apart boy; do u even know what a tommy gun is? a tommy gun spits 600-900 rounds per minute.
7. You're my apple pie my jelly peserve -- uhm. please search up "apple pie" at urbanlyrics.com and see how many of your FAVORITE rappers use the same term.

well anyways, back on point. he`s the last remaining hot boy aka da hottest niqqa under the sun.. lost his father to the qun, has hustler muzik that everyone can vibe to.

and just a quick review of da hottest shit he done said!
1. qot nina in my palm and i`m masturbatin`. (nina - a clip)
2. drop it like it`s hot. (juve can`t even top dat shit)

man i don`t even need to make a list. dat niqqa flow just sick! and to all ya`ll haters like he say: "i don`t see none of ya`ll!"

- weezy f. lady!
lil wayne is da best rapper alive no doubt about it!
by ti`nini January 02, 2007

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