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3 definitions by thuy truong

(noun) A guy whom a girl chooses to cuddle, spoon, watch movies, and/or, but no limited to, sharing her feelings with. Note that the guy DOES NOT get to engage in ANY kind of sexual relations with the girl. The girl merely uses him to fulfill a lack of intimacy in her relationship with her bf.

The "Fuck buddy" is the Cuddlebitch's archenemy.
The FB is everything the CB wants to be, but doesnt have the balls or the large penis to be. The CB ends up just hearing about how badly the FB treats the girl, then masturbates while she sleeps.
"John is so gay, he thinks he is pimp but he is just her cuddle bitch"

Girl: "After I visit my Fuckbuddy, I can swing by my Cuddle bitch's house to sleep"
by Thuy Truong October 21, 2005
404 63
a feeling or condition where something or someone is ugly, not cool, not tight, dirty, nasty, etc...
inanimate: "That beer tastes poojie!" or "Those 13inch rims are poojie"

animate: "That girl is poojie looking man! what were you thinking?" or "Damn, it's been a rough week, I feel poojie"
by Thuy Truong September 21, 2005
17 15
street code for 1 pound of marijauna.
yo man i pushed 10 p's this week. (10lbs of weed)
by thuy truong January 13, 2005
61 64