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variable valve timing and lift control. several other car companies use the same thing but with different acronims:
Honda: vtec
Nissan: VVL
Ford: VTC.

even though they are essentialy the same, each one dose have it's flaws for example:

vtec has very little torque.
VVL parts are rare and hard to come by.
VTC only works on the intake cam.
Honda guy: yeah i got more power cause i gots vtec.
nissan guy: *coughs* no torque *coughs*
ford guy: you know he's right
Honda and Nissan guy: shut up, you car doesn't even run.
by thunder storm August 26, 2008
Nissan's Variable Valve Lift technology that was implemented on the sr20ve,sr16ve, and sr16ve-n1 engines.
guy1: i'm looking for a new cylinder head for my infiniti G20? what do you recommend?

guy2: get the VVL cylinder head.
by thunder storm August 27, 2008
Nissan's SR20 engine with the VVL cylinder head. while it wasn't offered stock in any U.S. cars. it is often imported from failed Japanese inspections that said the engine was no good, when over in the U.S. it is considered brand new.

the SR20VE produced 186HP @ 7000RPM and 144 ft-lbf at 6000rpm

the SR16VE-N1 cams are often considered an upgrade due to the engine being able to rev to 8600rpms with the N1 cams.
guy1: dude get over here i just finished swapping a SR20VE into my g20

guy2: sweet now we just need to get some N1 cams.
by thunder storm August 27, 2008
similar to pics or stuf or pics or gtfo. except this one is threatening to ban if the original poster does not post pics to back up his claim. used jokingly most of the time

this is sometimes accompanied by the 'this thread is worthless without pics' smiley
guy1: i just put a jet engine on my civic

aprox. 8 posts later without pics.

random guy: pics or ban
by thunder storm September 17, 2008

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