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An upper class establishment of Bros who consider the regular Bro code lacking in wit, charm and discretion. A Brogent still abides by the Bro code whilst doing so with a sense of style and cavalier not often displayed by the average Bro.

A Brogent is by no means a Gentleman of old – As he is by no means a Bro of modern day… but a modern hybrid of self proclaimed brilliance.

A Brogent is as promiscuous as 1986 - As daring as a high five at a funeral – As charming as reach around in a truck stop toilet… Whilst being as composed as William Shatner on a cigarette break – As assuring as a desperate and dateless with an open bar – and as sophisticated as Shaun Connery fucking the queen.

A Brogent won’t only tell you who and what he did. He will do so with proper pronunciation using an old English vernacular for some reason.
I think I'm more of a brogent. It's a kind of high-five and tip-of-the-hat crossover.
by thrizzledorum January 04, 2011

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