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When one sexually frustrated male attempts to disguise his homosexual leanings by undertaking seemingly ‘macho’ acts which would give one an opportunity to touch other males.
Examples of Macho Gay Touching (MGT)

Example 1:

Male 1: I didn’t know your sister had a trampoline
Male 2: Yeah, but me and my friends use it for wrestling
Male 1: Aww, man, that sounds so baddass, let’s do that.

Male 2: Why are you lying on top of me?

Example 2:

Male 1: Hey man, what’s up motherfucker? *fake punches friend*
Male 3: Did you really need to put your arm around me to fake punch me?

Example 3:

Male 1: Hey, M. Gym Teacher, are you coming to hockey tonight?
M. Gym Teacher: um yeah.

Male 1: Awesome *pats back of M. Gym Teacher*
*pat turns into rub*
M. Gym Teacher: Wtf
Mrs. Gym Teacher: WTF?!

Example 4:

Male 1: So yeah, I was trying to get with this chick right, and I like, stroked her forearm like this…
Male 4: DUDE!
by threeheadedfish November 18, 2009

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