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one who is always looking for attention. no matter who their with they always have to talk louder, be more outrageous, and get everyone in the room to look at them.
kevin crusey breaks up with girls that are attention whores.
by three toed sloth May 22, 2005
much like a turning karate kick, you turn and kick your leg up. like a 360.
i will windmill kick you in the face.
by three toed sloth May 22, 2005
an emotional kid who sits in his room and cries. he relates to emotionally driven lyrics. emo boys are known for flirting in general with girls and boys. tend to have dark long hair, covering one or two eyes. tight fitting band tee's, good will clothing, girl pants, studded belts, worn out shoes. beleives noone understands their misery.
kevin inscoe can be such an emo boy. <3
by three toed sloth May 22, 2005
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