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Usually a female, who may seem harmless and even mildly stupid. Will occasionally take advanced classes at school, but fails because of her previously mentioned mild to severe stupidness. Does not typically have many friends, because she is very awkward and strange. Is characterized as a chronic backstabber, and should therefore never be trusted. Endowed with a huge mouth and has an astounding capability to never keep it shut. Flirts recklessly and with no shame, regardless of her relationship status. Should be avoided at all costs.

WARNING: If you choose to communicate with the enemy, you will be backstabbed sooner or later.
Noor: hi. would you get mad if i backstabbed you?
You: umm.. yes..
Noor: oh well i'm going to do it anyways. because nothing is going to stop me from doing what i want. not even morals, which i don't have.
You: WTF don't ever speak to me again!!
Noor: sounds perfect.
by thosetwoboys January 23, 2010

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