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1. A person who is an absolute party animal and/or a complete drunken mess.
2. A house or location that is just a wild party.

May be altered to personal preference;

eg. zookini
"Man, you were a fucking zookini last night"
"That party last night was a god damn zoo."
#zoo #hsc #otp #drunk #hscotp
by thongerrr November 16, 2011
Short for On The Piss, slang for the act of getting drunk.
Also, OTPTN (On The Piss Tonight)
and SOTP (So On The Piss)
and lastly, NOTP (Not On The Piss)
"Hey bro, are you OTPTN?"
"Its Friday, I'm getting fucking rebecca blacked."

"NOTP, I have to study"

#otp #sotp #notp #on the piss #hsc #hscotp #drunk #pissed
by thongerrr November 15, 2011
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