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one ore more of the following, poop throw, banana peal, armpit scratch, while dancing to the song snap your fingers by Lil Jon ft E40 and Sean Paul... created on the way home from Charlavoix with dmac.
how to do the monkey dance: to the lyrics:Snap your fingers! banana peal, Do ya step! armpit scratch, You can do it all by yoself, poop throw, Lemme see you do it, Ay!
by thomasss July 20, 2006
For the Teans of Bloomfield Hills, which borders West Bloomfield, Chaldeans are christian arabs who make up the majority of West Bloomfield and are most commonly found in Birmingham and attend West Bloomfield High school, Chaldean teans are cocky gotti wannabees whos parents spend all of their money getting these spoiled hardasses nice cars and clothes...Chaldeans also are given cell phones at birth with all 257 cousins on speed dial just in case one of them talk to much shit to the wrong people.
Chaldeans might call their cousins if you talk shit, but they are all talk.
by thomasss July 20, 2006

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