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The Second World War in a nutshell.

The second world war (ww2) was the inevitable war that followed the first world war. Axis powers (Germany Japan and to a lesser extent Italy) were defeated by the Allies (Russia, who did most of the work, Britain and her empire, and to a lesser extent America).

Main Players.
Germany - the baddies. they invaded Poland and France starting the war in Europe. Lead by adolf hitler. There is too much to say so for further reading see nazi.

Japan - also baddies. Started the war in the east by attacking China. Also attacked America (more on that later), which drew it and Britain into war with Japan. (incidentally because of the time difference the UK declared war one hour before America). They are noted for their appalling war crimes against captured British forces in Burma and also being the first and only victims of atomic weapons used in anger.

Italy - a nuance to Germany (who had to continually help them) and a relief to the allies). They gave the UK and America an excuse to stay out of France, leaving Russia to continue to suffer heavily.

Russia - Goodies. Russia got a raw deal they did most of the hard work and held the eastern front despite appalling losses. Then they get no recognition.

Britain and her empire - Goodies. The British held their lines and were the only country in the war to repel a direct German invasion (the German invasion plans were hated by the RAF in the Battle Of Britain). Notable for the complete destruction of Dresden due to fire bombing. They could have remained out of the first world war however unlike the Americans they invaded Germany without being provoked

America - lying cowards. The Americans arrived late, After the tide had turned. However to cover this up they now spend time publishing media that denies all reference to this. For instance spot the English in C.OD. or that film U-571, shows how brave American sailors captured a German Submarine and with it an enigma machine that allowed the war to be won by decoding all German transitions, that film doesn't mention that actually it was British sailors in the royal navy working from Portsmouth, UK that made this capture. Another fact is that of the D-Day landings 2 in 3 soldiers were British. I could go on all day.

French - not a major player but deserve a mention. the French soldiers were not to blame for the actions of their leaders. In fact many joined up with the British in disgust. However the French leaders were pussies, they gave up at the first hurdle, unlike the British and Russians who swore that they would fight until the last man. It is because of the French surrender English forces were cut of and had to retreat from Dunkirk.
The British were so determined that the French navy wouldn't be seized by the Germans that they lured it out into open water and destroyed it at the cost of 1300 French lives! It was this bloody act that helped convince America that "Britain had the stomach to see the war through".

Hope that has cleared things up.
Don't believe a thing that Americans say about the war because it is all a lie.
eg "we saved the world in world war 2"
no you damn well did not.
by thomass70imp June 09, 2009

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