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When man appoaches woman, stretches out testicles and ever so gingerly drapes them over his lovers face. Dipping both taint and nutball into her mouth
Damn was she a trooper as I batwing teabagged her. She was smiling with such sluttiness.
by thmsmcgr February 24, 2009
It's location is a man's crotcheral region. It is that tender lil ball inside a man's ball sac. "Play with them as you will but please, please be gentle!
"Rodney screamed in horror as Jenny sank her pearly teeth into his sac, causing his nutball to rupture...and bleed!"

So if you are one to indulge in ball lovin'. Take heed, lips and tongues only, no teeth.
by thmsmcgr February 25, 2009
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