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v., to worry; to scare; to bother; to cause feelings of tension or concern; to evoke agitation or distress.
"She nervouses me." (As uttered by incomparable 'New York' on the VH1 program 'Flava of Love')
by thithyphuth February 28, 2006
adj. ridiculously over-the-top. completely overdecorated.
Her wedding dress was sooooo santino. You couldn't have squeezed another piece of ribbon or embroidery onto it. (from the overdone style of designer Santino Rice on the Bravo TV program 'Project Runway'.)
by thithyphuth January 18, 2006
v., to overdecorate, to embellish an object with excessive gewgaws, to not know when to stop with the ruffles, ruching and ribbons. From the design ethos of Santino Rice on the Bravo TV show 'Project Runway'.
"With this picture he could have completely santino'd that outfit to death" Heidi Klum on Project Runway, Season 2.
by thithyphuth January 30, 2006
A person who constantly posts pictures of themselves performing yoga asanas, usually while making unsettling eye contact with the camera or with their eyes closed in yogic bliss as if they are unaware their picture is being taken.
My Instagram feed is clogged with posts from yogabitionists. Time to unfollow.
by Thithyphuth September 27, 2015
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