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2 definitions by thismachinekills

a person (boy or girl, but mostly a girl) who is completely obsessed with the jonas brothers.
that jo hoe is raving about how she just got tickets to the jonas brothers concert....it kinda makes me want to get some.
by thismachinekills August 09, 2008
1.) the healthy alternative to god

2.) when asked an obvious question, you get a hypothetical, over the top answer.
1.) "are you goin to church?"
"yeah, but i'll be worshipping sagatom the whole time"

2.) i asked him if the glass was half empty or half full and he said who gives a damn, the time it takes to debate it could be spent filling up the glass alll the way. he pulled a sagatom.
by thismachinekills August 11, 2008