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Georgina Simmonds is known in many parts of the land as an urban myth.

They say she can talk for 3 consecutive days without pausing for breath and she has a head the size of an aeroplane. The doctors prescribed her a whole bottle of industrial strength sleeping pills to calm her chronic tweeting. She took the whole bottle, and they made her blink.

They say the top three deaths in the south east region of the united kingdom is 1.heart failure, 2. cancer, and 3. the talkings of Gina simmonds.
A previous prime minister elect was to be the saviour of this country, he was witty, charming, and most importantly he was loved by all the country. He was going to drag the country out of the turbulent state it was in and save us all until he met Gina Simmonds. We now know this man as Stephen Hawking.

the mythical creature is also known by many other names; meg, zordon, little legs, bighead, smaahhl, megan, jiyna, tweety, jafool, drunky, vegetable lover, greg, amongst many others.
Dude have you heard about this "Georgina Simmonds"?
Yeah, apparently she was on the news because she flipped out after some people hated her
Oh thats crazy, I don't think anyone likes her.
by thisisnotmoe January 16, 2010

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