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2 definitions by thisisnotatest

Acronym for "husband in Canada, boyfriend in America," used by people like gay advice columnist Dan Savage to describe his same-sex relationship that is legally recognized as marriage in Canada, but not currently recognized as marriage in the United States.
After a series of bullying-related suicides by gay teenagers, Savage and his "HICBIA" - husband in Canada, boyfriend in America - felt compelled to say something.
by thisisnotatest May 19, 2011
What Kind Of Bullshit Is This?
JetBlue.com says my password cannot contain a 'Q' or 'Z'?! WKOBIT?!

UrbanDictionary requires you to list at least five related words before you can submit an entry?! WKOBIT.
by thisisnotatest May 19, 2014