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A latin prefix (xyl) and sufix (yl) combined to create the ultimately redundant and useless word.
xyl- wood
yl- wood
xylyl- wood wood
My friend, while looking through latin prefixes and suffixes, found xylyl to be a very funny word.
#xyl #yl #xylyl #wood #wood wood
by thisismylife April 16, 2009
A pit in which someone, offically known as the stew-maker, makes stew.
When dinner time came around, we all gatherer around the stew-pit to get some stew from the stew-maker for dinner.
#stew #pit #alex #maker #dinner
by thisismylife April 03, 2009
To masturbate using scissors.
He lived on the dangerous side of life and decided to divest
#strip #divest #scissors #scissor #masturbate
by thisismylife May 08, 2009
Acronym for Transcendent Fellowship of Moribund Sesquipedalians.
A highly elite and exclusive group of only 6 members searching for the betterment of one's vocabulary and a chance to miss 30 minutes of english class.
Meets in the library at KWBS.
Password required to enter.

Occasionally considered a sorority, even with 2 male members.
At the beginning of english class, the members of TFMS went to the library.
#transcendent #fellowship #moribund #sesquipedalians #sorority
by thisismylife April 05, 2009
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