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(n.)That friend that you really just want to tell “It’s over man, move on,” but you find that it is much more fun to mess with him in close to every way possible.
I got my sick fool of a brother to take me to the movies because the girl he’s drooling over works there.
by thisisformyproject November 29, 2009
(adj.) The ability to be impervious to act such as shunning and things of that nature.
Unicorn: Shun the non-believer!
Other Unicorns in unison: Shunnn
Charlie: Give up! I am the unshunnable Charlie! Your efforts are wasted.
by thisisformyproject November 29, 2009
(v.) Dude, lay off, I know what I’m doing so don’t bug me about it. Sheesh.
Hey buddy, touch me not so near; you’re just an intern so until you get this job stop being a backseat driver.
by thisisformyproject November 29, 2009

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