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The gentleman's "Fuck you motherfucker"
Unclassy: Fuck you man, I'm out!

Classy: Well, I never! Good Day Sir!
by thisguyoverhere September 17, 2011
Rapper in the group D12, commonly confused with Kuniva by people who don't know D12. Bugz' last act was to have Swift join the group
Swift is my favorite D12 artist
by thisguyoverhere August 15, 2011
The act of masturbating involving a neck tie, door handle and a broomstick. Climax can be achieved using any/all variations.
"I am going to massiesterbate so hard when I get home from the clinic."
"Honey, where did you put the broomstick?!? I can't get massiesterbating without my supplies!!"
by ThisGuyOverHere December 23, 2014
A young female intern at a company who wears very short skirts, because they think its fine, no matter what the company policy
Boss, that new intern's a skintern
by thisguyoverhere July 10, 2011

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