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not a fan of the genre. the stuff that becomes "popular" is usually some lame piece of crap about how you're gonna superman dat hoe. no one gives a crap.

then there's those ones about poverty and stuff. thing is the point of a song is to get you to think. but they talk fast and just go on and on so you don't have time to think. seriously.

if somone came up to you and started talking super fast "ohmygodmylifesucksitssobadbecauseofdrugsiknowdonttakethembecausehteyruinedmylifeandmyfamily" you wouldn't think that is rap right? so how does that make rap different? if i threw a beat into a slurred speach about poverty it could be considered the next greatest rap.

yeah some people say "omg rock needs lots of people so that takes no skill"
misconseption. or some over defensive way to get back at the rap haters or something. when you say that you imply that anyone who plays in an orchestra has no skill. uh... hello they spent a long time learning music theory and how their instrument works i think that qualifies as skill even if they need a full sized orchestra to make the sound full. also saying that implies that you think britney spears has skill. uh well shes a solo artist right? like rappers? and its not like shes used a guitar or drums. like rappers. so how does that make her different?

then there's the rant "it takes a lot of skill to make the beat blah blah" if you can explain how it is done, and ive seen people explain it... then its probably not a life and death struggle that you describe it to be. also youre saying that coming up with a beat is incredibly hard and impossible... but learning how to keep a beat with drums and make them entertaining to listen to also takes time and skill. so does learning how to play guitar and make it sound entertaining. when you make coming up with a freaking beat sound like a life and death struggle youre making it seem like actually learning an instrument takes no skill.

and please dont describe writing rap as a life and death struggle. how does writting rap make it different then songs of other genres?

bottom line: lets not get too defensive about our favorite genres here. if underground rap is good and mainstream rap is bad then who cares about what the mainstream thinks? dont blame them and call them white rednecks either. you just sound stupid. and like you're trying to sound like a black person. unless you are but if you are you still sound stupid.

besides if someone hears a few crappy songs why would anyone want to go further into a genre? i mean ive heard crap from dances and decided rap took no skill. then i got curious, looked up rap on wikipedia, found out about the stuff from the 70's listened to that and decided "well this is different from the mainstream crap people try to sell just because they make money"

sure rap still isn't my genre, but its not as bad as i first thought. but thats because i took time to listen to something that most people like me wouldn't bother. and don't blame them.
rap isnt my genre
by this guy on the internet September 02, 2008

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